Our Story

One day we were exercising at a new skate park (Lander's favorite outing). Due to the lack of park benches & locations to tie up Lander with a regular leash, I was forced to connect Lander to a trash can that was 30-feet away from the park and next to a busy roadway. My other options were to leave him in the car, remember to pack a large 18-inch stake plus a 10-foot cable, or leave him at home. From that unfortunate experience, the idea for the Lander Leash was born. Using my mechanical engineering background, was able to reverse engineer a compact, lightweight, all in one leash that would never put me in that situation ever again. I could screw it into the ground right next to the park and keep him close. Since then, we have attended little league baseball games, outdoor movies, camping and have been to every coffee shop in town together. I no longer have any reason to leave him behind.

Get a leash to go everywhere
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