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  • Will it hold my dog?
    The lander leash may not hold all dogs but it has been tested to hold up to 215 pounds of force. It is meant for small to medium sized animals and well behaved large animals. The intention is to keep your dog with you at temporary stops so you can enjoy hands-free activities.
  • Doesn't this already exist?
    You are right, it is similar to other products out there. The difference is the Lander Leash was reverse engineered to combine regular leashes and the corkscrew functionality in a light-weight, more durable, compact way. This merges the conveniences from all products into one.
  • Don't tether your dogs! (?)
    True. This isnt' intended for long term use. Our use of the Lander Leash would be value added through supervision; hence bringing the pet with you versus the alternative. Also, depending on where you live or are playing there are leash laws that require you to have your dog on leash regardless of how well trained it is.
  • How long is the leash?
    The leash its-self is 5-feet long. Made of durable nylon fabric. 6.5 ounces in weight and 6.5-inches in lenght (size and weight of an iPhone X)
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