Will it hold my dog?

The Lander Leash has been tested to hold up to 215 pounds of force in compact dirt. The golden rule for dogs is 3:1 pull force to weights which means the Lander Leash will hold approximately a 65 lb dog (ground conditions may have an impact). This is not intended for long term use to secure your dog but instead for opportunities to bring your pet with you and needed for intermediate stops.

How long is the leash?

The leash its-self is 5-feet long. Made of double stiched durable nylon fabric. 6.5 ounces in weight and 6.5-inches in lenght (size and weight of an iPhone X)

Doesn't this already exist?

No this product does not already exist, nothing quite like it! -There are leashes. -There are large 18" stakes with 10-30ft cables. The Lander Leash combines these two prducts into 1 compact, lightweight multifunctional product.

Don't tether your dogs! (?)

Depending on where you live or are playing there are leash laws that require you to have your dog on leash regardless of how well trained it is. Our use of the Lander Leash would be value added through supervision; hence bringing the pet with you versus the alternative.

Is it diffucult to screw into the ground?

It is very easy to screw into the ground. If you look at our videos, you will see that a 5 year-old was able to screw the leash into the ground! This works because the diameter of the screw is very small and has a beveled head. This allows the stake to pierce the ground effortlessly. The chrome plating reduces friction as you screw it into the dirt. Think of the comparison: If you take the tip of a pencil & press it on a piece of paper too hard, it will break through the paper fairly easy. If you flip the pencil around and try the same thing with the eraser. It takes much more effort to break through the paper. Smaller diameter, easier to drive into the ground.

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