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There's a leash, then there's a stake. We put them together.

Walk your dog on the same leash you screw into the ground.


"We give this two thumbs up!"...

Lost Pets of Whatcom County"

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Happiness comes from being together during outdoor activities. Easily screw the Lander Leash into the ground and enjoy being hands-free.

Owners - Claim Your Territory!

While together at outdoor events, you can rely on the Lander Leash to keep your pup safe by being securely screwed into the ground.

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The quick-clip handle lets you secure your leash to a landmark without ever unhooking your dog, reducing stress and adding security.

It's The Leashed You Could Do

What a T-R-E-A-T!

The freedom to effortlessly clip your dog to anything nearby! You'll have more time to relax and enjoy yourself.

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Who's Really In Control?

Have confidence while exercising your pup by using the dual handle support, increasing control and comfort.

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Three Birds With One Bone

It takes 3 leashes to do what the Lander Leash can do in 1! Have peace of mind while only needing to remember one tool.

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